We Operate in a Complex World with one goal:

Provide The Best Solution for our Clients.

The law firm of Charles A. Gower, P.C. has been serving the Columbus, Georgia community for over 35 years. Our lawyers have over 70 years of collective experience practicing law.


We focus our practice on three primary areas: Wrongful Foreclosure/Consumer Litigation; Personal Injury/Automobile Accidents; and First Party Insurance Bad Faith.


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Austin Gower
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Charles A. Gower, P.C. is a Columbus, Georgia, based law firm dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of individuals and consumers. The law firm represents clients both on an individual level and in class action law suits, and has succeeded in a wide range of civil suits, including wrongful foreclosure/consumer and business litigation (deceptive trade practices), personal injury, automobile accidents, insurance bad faith, business torts, fraud, and product liability litigation.


We are a small firm with the ability and resources required to handle cases of any size and complexity.   Our attorneys have excellent qualifications and are all experienced trial lawyers. We pride ourselves on the careful attention we give to each case, and to each client. We prepare every case thoroughly, investigating and analyzing both facts and law, so that we can obtain the best result possible for our client. With over 35 years in the community, we have earned a reputation for tenacity and strength that helps us in both negotiating and, if necessary, trying each case.

We have a great deal of experience negotiating with and litigating against insurance companies which have failed to protect those who they insure. We are readily available to assist whenever bad faith insurance issues arise, whether during negotiations or after judgment.


We also have successfully represented consumers and borrowers who have been harmed by banks and mortgage service companies. We represent a variety of consumers who have fallen victim to wrongful foreclosure, deceptive trade practice, repossession, and other fraudulent conduct.


We prepare every case for trial. Our proven success both in and out of the courtroom is the result of our commitment of our time and resources to every case in preparation for trial.


The law firm of Charles A. Gower, P.C. stands ready to assist you. All of our work is performed on a contingency basis; we do not charge an hourly fee. We are paid only if and when a case is successful. For more information, or to make an appointment, please call (706) 324-5685 or complete the online form.

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