Areas of Practice

Our experienced trial attorneys handle the most demanding and complex cases in the most difficult venues in Georgia and throughout the country.  Whether you are seeking zealous representation against one of the nation's largest banks, mortgage servicing companies, debt collectors, or insurance companies, we can help.

Insurance Company Bad Faith

Our firm represents people who have been harmed by an insurance company's bad faith failure to pay benefits it owes, and its bad faith failure to protect its insured.


Call us. The insurance company has a clear duty to its insured to act in good faith to protect the interest of the insured. It is a tort if the insurance company puts its own interest ahead of the insured's. The law firm of Charles A. Gower has extensive experience handling insurance company bad faith claims. We know the law intimately, and have a record of success for our clients.


Our early intervention in insurance bad faith cases can save the case and result in an early - and acceptable - settlement. Whenever a claim is in excess of insurance policy limits, a Holt situation arises. We know exactly what steps to take to head off the excessive costs in time and money of needless litigation. Call us as soon as a reasonable offer of settlement is denied by the insurance company - we can help you evaluate their action and, whenever possible, persuade them to settle.


After a judgment that exceeds insurance policy limits, we can help you evaluate the case and your options against the insurance company. We have an excellent track record in resolving these bad faith insurance claim cases. Call (706) 324-5685 for a free consultation at any stage in negotiations, litigation, or after judgment. We do not charge an hourly fee, but rather work on a contingency basis on insurance bad faith denial cases.